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Hypnosis is one of the most misunderstood things and yet it is a powerful tool for helping people. Television, books and personal experiences have created beliefs and assumptions in people on this matter. Hypnosis is actually of the most natural states in human, in addition to waking state and sleep. Everyone has experienced and experiences state of hypnosis multiple times in a day, or more precisely what could be called a state of trance.This is the state that everyone is right after waking up and just before falling asleep, when there is this short moment when the mind is bright and thoughtless. Almost same state that when you drive a car and you`ll notice that when you arrive you`ll forget what happened during that drive. Or when you focus on a book or movie so much that you will not notice anything else. A familiar thing, isn’t it?

Every person can go into hypnosis if a person wants to get into hypnosis and he has no fears or misunderstandings about this. Exceptions are people whose intelligence is considerably lower or who have certain types of brain disorders. People who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or certain medication should not be hypnotized.

Mind model by Omni hypnosis

Definition of hypnosis

Hypnosis is by-pass of the critical factor of the conscious mind and establishment of acceptable selective thinking.

This means is that critical factor, that is like gatekeeper to our subconscious mind, steps aside. At this point we are able to influence the subconscious. The reasons for our problems, beliefs, abilities and our ways doing things are based in the subconscious. At this stage, our conscious mind takes on that role of the gatekeeper and with the conscious mind the client accepts the hypnotherapist`s suggestions, if they are what client wishes for. Selective thinking means that client get what he or she wants to his/her subconscious mind according to instructions of the hypnotherapist and the desired change is realized.

What is hypnotherapy

  • Communication between hypnotherapist and client.
  • Pre-talk precedes the session and the tools for success are given to the client.
  • Clients is responsible to follows directions of the hypnotherapist.
  • Client does not sleep and the conscious mind is very active
  • Usually for seeking cause for particular problem.
  • Client gains more control over him/herself, i.e. achieves the desired change.

In hypnotherapy, we usually look for the root causes for a client’s problems and were using techniques that were invented almost hundred years ago and are modernized today. For certain types of problems we know the reasons, and in order to treat problems we can use the so called “direct suggestions”, where the customer focuses on listening to suggestions, that is, talking to a hypnotized person. Also when doing this type of therapy, people must actively participate in the process of complying with the given instructions. For example, a person who comes to smoking cessation should have a hundred percent self-desire to quit smoking and because of that he is fully involved in the process.Hypnosis is useless to do unless a person is not fully committed to the process.

Hypnotherapist is responsible for giving the pre-talk preceding the actual hypnosis session, getting the client in an adequate depth of hypnosis as well as for knowing how to handle the actual problem. Adequate depth of hypnosis simply means that sensitivity to suggestion increases enough. This will enable us, to find out the cause of the problem, and we will be able to correct it. At an adequate depth, we also ensure the lasting of the changes. The client is also wanted to have enough depth so that the client succeeds in why he came to hypnotherapy. Most of the customers’ problems are solved by one single visit. Some problems require several visits depending on how much it needs to be corrected. In deep hypnosis, the conscious mind is really bright and clear, and because of that, client may not even know he or she is hypnotized unless it is shown in some way. Externally it could be seen that the person is asleep. Internally the situation is completely opposite.

It´s often believed that hypnotherapy is so called “one-way street”, meaning that hypnotherapist does everything and client merely listens suggestions for eg. in smoking cessation. This is not the case, meaning that client must actively participate in the process by following instructions.