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JH Hypnoosi`s service offerings. Core services are hypnosis treatments.

Hypnosis Treatments:

We offer a range of therapeutic hypnosis treatments designed to activate the capacity of the body and mind to correct the problem. Treatments-list-page page contains the most common treatments and their descriptions. Human is a psycho-chemical being, which means in this case that the problems of the mind also affect the body. As an example of psychosomatic problems in the body, I can tell that many back and neck pains are such. In other words, things that affect the mind are subject to pain in the body. The pains can be remedied by hypnotherapy. Most of the problems are resolved by 1 to 3 visits. The Hypnotherapist will not tell where the customer’s problem lies but finds it out with the client’s subconscious.
Hypnosis treatments are reserved primarily from Appointment-page.
Inquiries about hypnosis treatments by phone, email or Contact-form.

Hypnosis lectures:

Hypnosis lectures show what hypnosis and hypnotherapy are. The purpose is to make hypnosis and hypnotherapy known and at the same time provide people with knowledge about my hypnosis treatment services. During lectures the mind’s activity is explained from deeper than the surface. The purpose is also to illustrate what a person can achieve with their hypnosis in their lives. Hypnosis is not limited to therapy alone, but can change ideas, beliefs, or even motivate people effectively. Hypnosis can also eliminate the feeling of pain. If you need a speaker for your event, please contact me. I will be happy to give a lecture on the subject.

Group hypnosis:

Group hypnosis sessions are divided into group therapy and relaxation. Group therapy includes smoking cessation and weight loss which are not caused by trauma. Relaxation hypnosis is suitable for temporary stress relief, or just when you want to relax and forget about everyday life’s responsibilities for a while. Group hypnosis schedules are announced separately via Facebook.