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Introduction to hypnotherapy

At birth we begin to collect life experiences to the right side of the brain, that is, the subconscious. At a later stage of life, like it or not, our feelings and habits automatically come from the subconscious based on the fact that this has happened before. Until we realize this, we begin to work on these things towards another direction.

The subconscious works like a computer, that is, we do things according to what is subconsciously programmed according to our life experiences. By programming, I mean operating instructions in different situations. Examples of our programming include situations where there is nervousness, excitement or going for a cigarette.

The subconscious does not understand the right, wrong or rational action, it only works according to its programming. Rational and analytical thinking of things belongs to the activity of the left brain, i.e. the conscious mind.

If this computer-like subconscious says, based on its programming that we are overweight or smoker, then we are. When one consciously wants to lose weight or become non-smoker, we have a so-called “internal conflict” because two parts of the brain do not work in harmony. Classical situation, rational or emotional solution? When being rational we act under the willpower. Often, we have noticed that during the end of willpower, the old pattern of behavior is restored and we act again in the old way. If we manage to get that we want in the subconscious, then there is a change in programming and change is permanent.
With hypnotherapy we can access this programming and we can change it to the desired direction.

Quitting smoking and losing weight are just a few examples of what we can do with hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is teamwork, where changes are made as a team with the client, ie the client also actively participates in the realization of the change.

Welcome to hypnosis treatments and make changes to your own life!

Jari Haapanen