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Before session:

We suggest that it is better, if using medication that affects the mind is discontinued two to three days before session, so that they do not interfere with hypnosis. Such medication include, for example, antidepressants. Talk to your doctor before you stop or pause taking this medicine.

Other issues that negatively affect hypnosis include coffee, energy drinks, a nicotine patch and allergy medication.

Finland is the country of high-consumption of coffee. Some people drink pot of coffee in the morning and multiple times cup in a day. High coffee consumption has a negative effect because caffeine blocks the receptors and hence makes difficulties in the transmission of information between the hemispheres. Caffeine keeps the people more left-sided in the brain, and hypnosis e.g. when seeking for a reason, we want the information flowing freely between the two hemispheres. Small amounts of coffee in general do not affect hypnosis session.
We do not recommend the use of energy drinks or nicotine patches on the same day before hypnosis as they cause similar responses to the body than caffeine.

It is also advisable not to take an allergy medication the same day before you receive it if you are going to treatment for allergy. An allergy medication for one example may be a disadvantage to the testing of the outcome of allergy removal.

Clothing should be relaxed, not too tight. If, for example, there are, for example, tight jeans, the surface swirling that activates in hypnosis causes your body’s sense of tension.

The above are recommendations that do not necessarily prevent hypnosis but can slow down and complicate it.

How much time to reserve for hypnosis session:

Hypnosis sessions are usually one hour long, except for the first time that three hours are reserved. This time, it takes most of the time, because the client needs to give the information about hypnosis and tools to success.  The number of times the problem is solved depends on the customer’s subconscious and the extent of the problem. Most problems are resolved in one visit. Multiple or extensive problems can take two to three visits.

What happens at office ?

Information about hypnosis:

The client is provided with an information of hypnosis. This is, among other things, giving the client the tools to succeed in why client came to hypnosis to treatment. We now assume that the customer has made a hundred percent aware decision on what he wants from treatment: for example, when in smoking cessation, those tools will not help if the customer is not completely sure of their decision or somebody else has pressed client to stop smoking. After the information, the customer understands how hypnotherapy affects humans. It also explains why possibly many attempts to solve the problem have failed or only partially succeeded. It is very important for a customer to receive that information.The customer will also be informed of the hypnosis’s scientific side  if the customer so wishes.

Clint pre-information and contract form:

After giving customer the information, the customer then fills in the combined pre-information and contract form. The form tells what hypnotherapists should know as background information before the hypnosis begins. In the contractual part, for example, the client gives consent to hypnosis and also states that he has received information about hypnosis. Additionally, the contract part notifies that hypnosis session is video recorded and customer agrees that when signing the contract. The form will be reviewed later and the client will be asked for any additional questions if needed.

The video record is used only to clarify the ambiguities / accusations discovered and also to analyze the self-performance of the hypnotherapist and to continuously develop oneself. The recording is confidential and it`s also protected by a separate strong encryption.

Hypnotherapy section:

Now it`s time for actual hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy always takes place without a third party, such as a spouse or friend. After the hypnotherapy, the client is being discussed with insights what are made with hypnotherapy. A new appointment will be agreed if the issue has not been cleared during the first visit.