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List of all treatments of JH Hypnosis

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Hypnotherapy is teamwork and this team consists of a hypnotherapist and a client. The treatment times for hypnotherapy are calculated according to the team working well and there are no fears or misunderstandings about hypnosis, for example. There must also be no problems of trust between the hypnotherapist and the client.

Smoking cessation

It is often said that the cause of smoking is habit, or a way to relax, or calm down. These are the reasons of the conscious mind and the real and original reason are subconscious. The most common and original cause of smoking is the subconscious feeling of safety. Subconscious in this case refers to the feeling that the person does not know about the connection to smoking.

This feeling can manifest, for example, as a fear of loneliness or as a trauma. There may also be a secondary cause for smoking, that is, some other emotional state associated with smoking. The reasons are usually not known to the conscious mind. The treatment deals with emotion that trigger an automatic and thoughtless addiction on the client to seek smoking.

This type of treatment prevents withdrawal symptoms. The most common types of post-smoking fear, that is gaining weight, is also taken care, because it is not necessary to replace the activity-inducing feeling, but it is treated away from troubling the mind.

The necessary things are discussed with the customer preceding the actual hypnosis. One visit is usually enough to stop smoking.

Fears and phobias (panic attacks)

Fear is much less severe than phobia and can, for example, prevent people from moving forward in life or achieving something. Phobia, on the other hand, means an uncontrolled fear that causes panic attack-like symptoms when it triggers. As an example, the difference in spider phobia and fear: A person with a spider phobia experiences physiological changes such as sweating, shaking, partial or total loss of physical mobility due to fear. When people experience fear, no phobia, he or she will not experience these symptoms.

We often talk about many phobias. In reality, there are only one phobia. Phobia is that we are afraid of the feeling of fear that is caused by something. Panic disorder, on the other hand, is a mutated phobia, which means that a person with a panic disorder does not know for what he has a phobia.

Fears are the emotions that have one common thing that they always triggered by one and the same factor even though there are apparently multiple triggers. For example, in a panic disorder, a person may experience seizures in different situations and believe that those situations cause panic attack. In reality, all the scenes have had a common subconscious trigger. This makes it possible that a scene in a cafe, for example, may not be repeated because the subconscious factor is not present at that time. In hypnotherapy our goal is to find a trigger and remove it. This usually requires one visit to hypnotherapist.


Allergies arise, for example, when people are susceptible to any allergen. Through air, for example, pollen and some animal allergens are transmitted. In Hypnotherapy emotional thing has always found triggering allergy.

Crucial thing that makes allergy is that a person is in a strong negative state of mind when the allergen is floating in the air or when a person is exposed to an animal’s secretions. In this emotional state, the body’s immune system does not know whether the threat is real or imagined and attacks the allergen. People then get allergic symptoms, witch means sensitization, and when the body learns, the symptoms come in a similar situation each time. One visit is enough for treatment.

Traumas (mental)

When something traumatic happens to a person, it can be very difficult to live with it. Hypnotherapy helps in the neutralization of traumas. Some traumas are subconscious, which means that people, for example, have negative thoughts or emotions, and they do not know why. Of course, all negative thoughts are not traumatic. This depends, for example, on the severity of thoughts and emotions and on how often they come into consciousness. For every negative thought or emotion we can find a cause and fix it with hypnotherapy.

Many people think that trauma is caused by a big event in human life. In reality, even small things can be traumas, or sensitizing events. Small events can, of course, change to bigger ones over the years, of course, depending on history of that human. In everyone’s case both, good and bad events in life matter. The treatment requires 1-3 visits.

Weight loss

The most common causes of overweight are poor eating habits or some subconscious reason why a person should be overweight. The purpose of the subconscious reason is usually to protect person somehow. Usually, the cause is obvious, when a person repeatedly makes a big weight loss, but after while person is at same weight as before dieting, or even more. After the will power ends, the old behavioral pattern will be back.

The cause of the old behavior, that is, in this case overweight eating, or immobility, can be found from subconscious. In addition to emotion, the treatment also deals with habits related to weight loss. The treatment requires 1-3 visits.

Psychosomatic pains

There are two kinds of such pains. Pains without accident have usually been “painful” and untreated things with other people. The pains usually begin years after these untreated things. A recurring encounter with a person with whom troubled and untreated things can, when repeated, have enough to trigger pains. Triggers for can be for example the other party’s facial expressions, gestures or tone of voice. Also conscious thinking of the subject repeatedly can trigger these pains. Many times, these things are so-called “under the surface”, that is, out of reach of the conscious mind. Many times the original event or events have been forgotten. If they are not forgotten, over the years, their conscious meaning is usually changed, which means that things do not cause so much negative emotions. These affect the subconscious most heavily and often affect the body. An example of this I can tell neck pain, where the cause was untreated things to people were close to that person. The question was the feelings of envy, guilt and hatred towards those people. Another way in which psychosomatic pains may come is in connection with an accident. The possibility of this type of pain is more than apparent if the accident happened so long ago that healing should have happened long ago. Except for obvious medical cases such as, for example, if a particular bone is in the wrong position causing pain as long as it is in that position etc. In the below case, the accident is bound by negative untreated feelings and the pain does not disappear in this case until the subject is treated in subconscious.

As an example of such pains, I can tell you about the case what happened when the man was at age of six. The question was back pains. The six-year-old was with his friends playing on the rooftop. The guys had got the idea to jump from the roof down. The customer would not have liked it, and then dared jump from that roof. When friends were in demand and tease, under pressure, he finally jumped down. The jumping was followed by a lot of pain, feeling of fear, and negative feelings of friends to the point. These pains went far to adulthood, whenever the he raised something wrongly or slept in the wrong position. These problem descriptions are told by him. The pain has been out of the customer for over a year. No sleeping position will bring back pain, or there will be pain in lifting.

The treatment requires 1-2 visits.