Turuntie 22, 24240 Salo (On premises of Auringonsalo )
Business ID: 2054022-3

Appointments for hypnosis treatments are currently booked by phone or e-mail without an online booking system.

Hypnosis treatments are not performed remotely, for example via Spype or Zoom.

Appointment may be interrupted by error: Email confirmation does not match email field. If the email field and the email confirmation field have the same email address and this error seems impossible, make sure that there is no blank character at the end of either field, i.e. an accidentally typed space. Especially for small boxes, it can be challenging to notice a space after an email address. Also, some cell phone software may add a blank space in the text field after auto-completing the email. A correction to this email field comparison has been requested from the authoring system authoring company, citing a critical issue because the customer may be frustrated with the appointment if they cannot get ahead of it.