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Everything started from the NLP (neurolinguistic programming) master course with a hypnosis section. After that i started to explore hypnosis from deeper than surface to get to know everything that can be done with hypnosis. About half a year since that course I made my first smoking cessation hypnosis successfully. That success was an inspiration to acquire more information. I have a lot of self-studied; read the literature about it and learn it by doing.

In addition to trainings, I have a lot of self-studied, read books and learned by doing. I want to learn more about hypnosis and therefore I am constantly developing myself. My background is from computer repairing and programming, so the programming of an organic computer, ie a subconscious, was like a natural transition.

Trainings :

  • 2012 NLP Practitioner, NLP Opisto, Finland, Helsinki
  • 2013 NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Opisto, Finland, Helsinki
  • 2015 Online course secrets of hypnosis, NLP Opisto, Finland
  • 2015 Personal training, Hypnotist Michael White, USA, Texas, Houston
  • 2016 Basic to advanced training, Omni hypnosis training center, USA, Florida, Deland (worlds first ISO 9001 certified hypnosis training)
  • 2016 Conversational hypnosis training, Hypnosis training academy, Ireland, Dublin
  • 2017 Simpson protocol training, Ines Simpson, Switzerland, Geneva

Memberships :

The subconscious has a database of feelings and events. For real and imagined events. According to this database of brain nerves, we get different feelings and habits according to what is programmed into the subconscious. I compare the subconscious as computer processor, which executes programs according to sensory stimuli and thoughts.

-Jari Haapanen